Instagram Poll Feature

Just this year, Instagram released a new feature which allows a user to create a poll on their Instagram story. The user can type in a question of their choosing and then either keep the default “yes or no” or change the two answer choices, as seen in the image below.

For those who are not familiar with Instagram polls, here is a quick tutorial how to create one:

For my own company @eat_this_, this feature allowed me to produce more content which pleases my users which as a result generates more positive feedback and allows my content to be more positively spread. While we discussed in class the importance of quizzes as a digital tool to increase user interaction and engagement, I think the poll feature is similar to a quiz. It requires my followers input. According to this article, “as of November 2017, Instagram Stories has amassed 300 million daily active users, surpassing the 250 million daily user milestone.” The high number of users allows this feature to be extremely useful for companies like myself.

While focusing in on food specifically, my @eat_this_ page posts a variety of cuisines. Sometimes delicious sweets are posted or sometimes a big juicy hamburger is featured. Aside from one post getting more likes that others, I am not sure which type of posts my followers prefer most. I often make polls such as “would you rather sweet or savory” and post the one that has most votes. In addition, I sometimes ask my followers if they want to see a recipe, and if they vote yes, I will put the recipe step by step in my Instagram story. The poll as a digital tool helps me feel more personally connected to my users and followers. I strive to create a close knit community on my page, and this feature has strengthened that for me.

I follow one of my favorite restaurants in New York on Instagram. I always am refreshing my page to see if they add anything to their stories, because their polls have fun promotions, give aways, and sometimes their polls ask their fans what the special of the night should be. It is a small local restaurant in my town which is dedicated to their customers. Whether it be a small or big business, polls help to create a smaller and more personalized community.

As a digital native, I am constantly being exposed to many new features and tools that are created every day. The only way to see which ones are beneficial is to try them out yourself. There have been many failed attempts at tools but I really do appreciate the creation of these polls. With 170k followers, this is the closest thing to direct communication with those thousands of people.

When we were discussing Google Grammar in class, I was able to draw a similar comparison. I learned that using Google Grammar is intended to create narrower and more direct search results. So, conclusively, I see that most digital tools are intended to help solidify search results and make more concise communities within the extremely large digital and virtual world we live in.








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